BRT – Bus Rapid Transit

Last year, C-Tran’s told citizens that they would have to cut service by 35% to their most needy riders if they did not get a 40% increase in funding.  (Hear Marc Boldt’s robo-call here).  C-Tran told citizens they could not provide sufficient bus service along Fourth Plain.  C-Tran had 17 extra buses available during peak hours and $49.7 million in extra cash, but had not added any buses along 4th since 2008.

Citizens gave C-Tran a 40% sales increase last year by passing Prop One.  Since that increase, C-Tran received an additional $2 million in a federal grant and bought 4 new buses at a cost of $705,000 each.  They raised fares and announced that they plan to raise fares every year.  The new buses get around 5 miles per gallon compared to the normal 3 to 4 miles per gallon.

C-Tran did not improve service, but says that increase was only to keep providing existing service, which is inadequate.  C-Tran gave raises to their staff but did not add any buses to Fourth Plain to improve service.

C-Tran says that their buses are so full on Fourth Plain, that adding more buses won’t help.  Instead, their plan is build the first of four super-bus systems (called Bus Rapid Transit, BRT systems), with Fourth Plain being first leg of a system that will ultimately cost hundreds of millions.

C-Tran darkened the windows of their buses.  So it is difficult to see inside to observe how many riders are onboard.  But something seems to not be adding up.  C-Tran says that there are so many riders, that they must build massive new projects.

We snapped this typical business day during peak time, this picture is typical.  Where are the crowds?

The Fourth Plain BRT leg is projected to cost up to $55 million up front.  C-Tran says it will save around $800,000 per year, but they are asking voters for this Prop One sales tax increase to pay for the extra cost each year.  C-Tran has not yet explained how that math works.

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