CRC Investigation

This is a multi-part story.

Click HERE to see the first forensic accountant video interview that presents evidence of Washington State Open Public Meetings Act violations and video clips of what appears to be false testimony by CRC Director Nancy Boyd to the Washington Oversight Committee.

Click HERE to see the second forensic accountant video interview that presents evidence of state and federal law violations on contracting practices, procuring and managing contracts.

Two more video interviews are planned to cover reports 3 and 4.

Report 1:
State and local officials have now been presented with clear evidence of alleged violations of state law by the CRC and WSDOT.

“As a certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner, it is my professional opinion that these questions warrant further investigation by an agency of appropriate jurisdiction,” Tiffany Couch of Acuity Forensics wrote. “That responsibility from here forward falls to you — the elected officials who run these states — in your representation of your constituents, the citizens of the states of Washington and Oregon.”

A sample from a document found written by the Project Development Team that the CRC claims never existed says “The decision meetings would be open to the public, but only minimum legal notices would be provided and no display advertising would be placed. We would not encourage public participation.”

A copy of report one is at:

The exhibits for report one are at:

Will the county commissioners call for a halt to the millions still being spent by the CRC bureaucracy every month and direct the county prosecuting attorney to launch a formal investigation?

Report 2:
This report focuses on questionable accounting and contracting irregularities as it relates to the CRC project and their primary contractor, David Evans and Associates, Inc.
We recommend that legislators and participating government agencies fully investigate the questions identified in this report.

A copy of report two is at:

The exhibits for report two are at:

Report 3:
This report focuses on significant CRC project costs taking place outside of the proposed bridge influence area, namely for a maintenance facility in Gresham, Oregon and upgrades to the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon.

A copy of report three is at:

The exhibits for report two are at:

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